Let DossierDataSolutions Manage, Process and Key-In Your Pertinent Data with 99.95% Accuracy!

With data-drive services, we help business all shapes and stripes in staying up-to-date with accurate, correct and consistent data. We are a resource pool of data entry specialists with several years of experience and expertise in extracting pertinent data from diverse source files and entering it in preferred file format with complete precision. Our services include:

Data Entry

To provide you quick and easy access to all business and contact-related information at your finger tips, our data entry experts capture details from hardcopy files, scanned documents, online applications, enrolment forms, questionnaires, and several other sources. The information is further entered in suitable file formats like MS Word, MS Excel or database like MySQL, MS Access, Oracle, SQL Server, etc., or  directly in your CRM/ ERP software.

Our data entry services include:

·        Online and offline data entry

·        Text and numeric data entry

·        Copy paste

·        Coupons data entry

·        CRM data entry

·        Questionnaires data entry

·        White and yellow pages data entry

·        Captcha data entry

·        Legal documents data entry

·        Medical data entry

·        Data entry for mailing lists

And more!

Data Processing

We provide data processing services to help you manage and process customer data and turn it into actionable information. Whether your data is structured or unstructured, we help you organize, consolidate and present it efficiently in a format of your choice for easy access – Excel, Text, CSV, Word, XML, PDF, etc.

A glimpse at our suite of data processing services

·        Forms Processing Services

·        Insurance Claims Processing

·        Market Research Forms Processing

·        Survey Processing Services

Data Management

To make sure that your business-critical data is of high-quality, we cleanse, de-duplicate, standardize, normalize and verify it against reliable sources of information. Further, our teams improve your data quality, delivering you precise, complete and current data that facilitate effective decision making.

A quick look at our data management services:

·        Data Cleansing and Enrichment

·        Data De-duplication

·        Data Standardization and Normalization

·        Data Verification and Validation

·        Mailing List Cleanup E-

·        OCR Cleanup

·        Mailing List Cleanup

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